Saturday, December 3, 2016

December Meeting

Before I get to the Show and Tell photos a few things to remember.

  • We will be celebrating Christmas at the January 5th meeting.  There will be a fat quarter exchange.  Please bring a purple fat quarter wrapped in a brown paper bag.  If you bring a fat quarter you will leave with one.
  • The will also be a gift exchange and this year we are doing a pattern exchange. Please bring this wrapped for Christmas.  A favorite pattern from your stash or a new one will do!
  • Bring a small amount of snack/treats to share.  
If you are interested in a free weekly block program to celebrate Canada's 150th, check out the 150 Canadian Women Quilt. at  You just need to sign up for their newsletter.  There are a few options for the layout.  You will learn about 150 Canadian Pioneer Women and get 150 free block patterns.

Genny demonstrated this super cute present block.

We had some great Show and Tell!!

Bev has made these four lovely wallets for her four daughters for Christmas.

Amy quilted this top on the rental machine at Fabriculous in Swan River.

Amy proudly showing offer something she made for one of her Instagram swaps.

Amy has also jumped on the Dresden train.  They seem to be the cool thing right now. (Everything old is new again!)

And a quilt with the quilting partially complete that with be given away at Christmas.  I'm not sure how Amy has the energy to be so productive after being in her classroom all day!!!

Reneta loving her Dresden for a Instagram swap.

 Karen's Hunter Star Quilt.

 A couple of Seaside Runners (Jaybird quilt pattern).

Cheri's tree skirt from the pattern "Happy Holidays" by Atkinson Designs.  Cheri made this from her sister's fabrics for her niece.  Cheri's sister is no longer able to quilt because of her early onset Alzheimer's disease and has created something that will be treasured.

Cindy's log cabin quilt did not quilt get done in time for the quilt show.  Her elaborate quilting might have been part of the reason.

And Gloria finished her version of the Labyrinth quilt that has been very popular online lately.

If that bunch of Show and Tell wasn't enough, Sherry K treated us to a small sampling of her work.  The collection of quilts she brought certainly had a theme - Birds and Words.  Sherry loves birds.  She also loves bird fabric, and fabric with words.  Sherry also loves to put words on quilts.  Sherry's work is always a treat.  We even got to see some hand quilting from days gone by.  Enjoy a sampling from the show!

Monday, November 14, 2016

Quilt Display in Hamiota

Crocus Quilt Guild member Dawn Piasta has a showing of her quilts on display from now until November 26 in Hamiota, Manitoba.  If you are travelling be sure to stop in and check it out!  Here is a sneak peak and all the details.

Show and Tell

I have been very lax about getting photos up on the blog.  These represent the show and tell we saw in October and November.  Sorry for the delay!

Here is Reneta's cheerful version of City Slicker.

And Renta's Lug Nuts that she made for herself!

I can't remember the name of the pattern Beth used for this one.  I will update this if I find out.

Sorry for the blurry image of Good Vibrations quilt.

Karen and some great holiday placemats.  Love that binding!

Genny and a great charm square table runner.  She spied a photo on Pinterest and put it together.  It is made up of one simple block - Half Square Triangles.

Nina and Pat made place mats with leftover from a quilt they made together for a special friend.

Look at this awesome pile of placemats ready to donate to PRVSI as our Christmas gifting project this year.

Monday, November 7, 2016

Well said

Hi Everyone.  I was going through my email and catching up on some of the posts from that I subscribe too.  She had a link to an amazing article that I think/feel that everyone should read.  It really makes  you stop and think.   I hope you never give up or feel like giving up and truly ENJOY what you are doing.

Here is the link

Friday, October 28, 2016

One Block Wonder

Hi Everyone.

Just to let you know that the lesson for the one block wonder is almost done.  There are a couple of more requirements needed for it which are different from the Stack N Wack.  If you are doing the one block wonder you will also need fat quarters of solid or fabric that reads as solid in three shades (dark, medium and light). These fabrics can either match fabrics that are in your quilt or contrast.  I have attached a picture of my quilt in progress.  Also for either class it would be great to have spray starch or Best Press.  Looking forward to next Friday.  Time of start will be talked about at our meeting on Thursday.

Tuesday, October 4, 2016

Stack n Whack

For those of you that are interested in the oneblock wonder part of the stack and whack or even if you just want to see what your hexies will look like with the fabric you have chosen take a picture and upload to this site and try it.

It works really well and is pretty amazing.