Monday, May 18, 2015

2015 Challenge Results

Each year our guild has a little bit of a challenge.  We are given some fabric, in this case these three Fat Quarters, in October and asked to return a piece at out May meeting.  This year pieces were to be less than 100" in perimeter and contain at least two shapes.  It is always a lot of fun trying to guess who made which one before voting for viewer's choice.

And the viewer's choice goes to Brenda!  Brenda wins $25 cash and the "honor" of organizing next year's challenge.  All the pieces are currently on display at the Dauphin Library, so please head on over and check them out in person.

Here are the rest of the entries, with the creator in the photo.  Sorry if someone you were talking when I snapped the picture, but everyone wants to see your face with your work!

This one belongs to Karen - she was unable to be there in person.

This one was made by Cheri B. who also could not be there that evening.

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  1. Beautiful challenge pieces. Congratulations to all of you. It is too hard to pick a favourite so I won't even try. Happy stitching.