Friday, June 17, 2016

Hi Everyone.

Just wanted to let you know I am busy preparing for the Stack N Whack class for fall.  We have set the dates for Nov 4th and 5th which is a Friday evening and Saturday all day.  Times will be set later. The cost will be $50.00 which will included printed out instructions so you can finish at home or make another one if you wish.  If there are more than 10 people registered we may run a second class in January.   Below is a list of the fabric requirements.


Main Fabric  (should be medium to large scale print)  Need 6  full repeats    Most clerks in fabric stores will know how to find a repeat and will be able to assist you with this.  If your repeat is large (18 – 27 inches) expect to need about 5 ½   meters.  Smaller repeats will need less but still must have 6 full repeats.  If you want the same fabric for the outer border as used for blocks please purchase at least 4 meters for repeat of 6 – 10 inches.  If using a different fabric for borders then 2 – 2 ½ meters should be enough with the smaller repeat.

Fabrics with medium to large prints that have good contrast and curving features (such as vines, leaves, flowers, paisley designs, swirls, etc.) make good fabrics.  Novelty prints make some really interesting blocks. Prints with less contrast will make quieter blocks.  Batiks are not usual good choices because the design repeats are not as regular as on commercial printed fabric.  Using two mirrors hinged together with tape is a good way to audition fabric.  Set mirrors on fabric and standing directly in front of them open or close them (widen or narrow the front) until you can see 6 triangular shapes.  Pull mirrors slowly towards you and magically the different blocks that are possible will appear.

Background Fabric (should be a subtle print that is non-directional) 1 ½ meters (You may want to wait to choose this until after blocks are made as it really changes the look or “color feel” of the fabric once they are made into kaleidoscope hexagons)

Accent or Star Point Fabric:  About 1 meter for throw size. (Should be a more solid, tone on tone or mottled fabric that shows up/coordinates with the main fabric )

Sewing machine
Flat flower head pins ( Must have)
Seam ripper
Rotary cutter with NEW blade
Cutting mat
6 or 6 ½ inch X 24 inch ruler with 60 degree or 30 degree line
(usual sewing supplies such as neutral thread, seam ripper, etc. )

Please DO NOT PREWASH your fabric!

See you in the fall!  Happy Quilting and shopping for fabric!

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