Thursday, September 15, 2016

September Meeting & Show and Tell

First let me start with a reminder that quilt registrations for our quickly approaching show are due on September 20!

If you missed our meeting and haven't signed up for any jobs at the quilt show you can contact Genny before she contacts you ;)!

Here is a preview of some things that our members have finished in time for our upcoming show.

Love the binding on this one that Cindy made.

Pat tried her hand at machine quilting instead of hand quilting.

Gloria was trying to hide but I caught her and she looks proud of her beautiful work!

Fran completed this cheerful quilt.

Bev tried out hand pieced hexagons with the challenge fabric from the Nimble Thimbles in Gilbert Plains.

Bev also completed two table toppers for one of her daughters.  This "Rock Candy" one.

And this "Detour"one.

Bev also finished this Bali tile quilt with fabrics she picked up at a quilt retreat in Fabriculous a couple of years ago. You should come see it at the show as this picture does not do it justice.

Joan finished this quilt which name escapes me.  I know it had something with "purple" in the name.

Cheri finished this cheerful Quarter Sections quilt.

And Sandra finished a more pastel version of the same "Quarter Sections" pattern.

Sandra also finished this fun birthday table runner.

Amy did a whole lot of sewing to use up some of her scraps with this one!

A cute fox quilt Amy is making for an Instagram exchange - her new addiction!

And Amy's "Row by Row" quilt that won the prize at Road 17N this summer.  Amy traveled to many quilt shops to get all of the patterns and had fun putting the top together.  For more info on the Row by Row Experience click here.

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