Friday, January 13, 2017

January Meeting

We had a fun meeting last week with a bit of Show and Tell, a few games, some gift exchanging and lots of eating and visiting.

Jacquie finished her One Block wonder from the November workshop.

Sandra made cute gift bags.

Dawn and her latest art piece for the hunters in her life.  Paint, Jagermeister, I always learn something new!

Beth was busy with stockings and two quilt tops.

Cindy and her new beach bag.

Amy's Ugly Sweater quilt.

Karen and her plus quilt, leftover quilt. 

One of the games for the evening was dubbed the "Quilter's Olympics."  Above you see Round 1.  Everyone was given a fabric circle and a threaded needle.  The first six to successfully make a yo-yo advanced to round 2.  Much concentration was required!

Round 2, and things got a little more intense.  Everyone was given an identical quilt block and a seam ripper.  First 2 to take the 10 pieces apart without tearing the fabric advanced to round 3.  Apparently Dawn and Amy have some experience in the unsewing department!

Round 3 - Dawn and Amy were briefly shown a picture of a quilt block.  Then they were handed the cutting instructions.  First to successfully cut the pieces, and lay the quilt block out correctly without referring to the diagram would be the victor.  The girls were determined, and I made have seen a bead a sweat or two!

Amy was a woman on a mission and came out victorious.  (We also learned how she can have a new project to share every month - she works fast!  I would have need a faster shutter speed to get an in focus picture of her at work).

I think is was all worth it as Amy took home these beautiful Fat quarter roses, a gift to our guild from Road 17N Quilt shop.

It was a very fun night.  Thanks ladies!

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