Sunday, May 10, 2020

May 7, 2020 Challenge Reveal

2020 Guild Challenge

The challenge was to create a mini-sized quilt (or wall-hanging) 
based on a simile that you pulled from the hat.  

This was definitely a challenge!!! 
We had ten courageous members who stepped up.

These were revealed at our monthly virtual Zoom meeting.

Entry # 1  Sherri Kehler - "Clear as a Bell"
The crisp, clean lines and cool color tones emphasize the true meaning of a
 "clear as a bell" winter night.
Entry # 2 Donna White - "Swim Like a Fish"
This heavily quilted panel emphasizes the true motion of water and beauty of
"swimming like a fish".

Entry # 3 Dawn Piasta - "Light as a Feather"
The all-over quilting of this piece emphasizes the true feeling of "light as a feather".

Entry #4  Amy Kristalovich - "As Good as Gold"
The glittery gold background of this piece go hand-in-hand with the electric feel of reminiscing about those "good as gold" tunes we love.

Entry #5 Reneta Angus - "As Fresh as a Daisy"
The freshness of laundry on the line is a true sign of spring, just as much as those dainty daisies hanging on this clothesline.

Entry # 6 - Jackie McFayden - "As Light As a Feather"
This piece effortlessly shows the way those clouds are puffed, the birds soar high, and the boats drift "as light as a feather" on a breezy day.

Entry # 7 Marion Muir - "Swim Like a Fish"
This tote bag is a real gem.  The pieced fish with flippy fins, and matching fish quilting on the back are a true demonstration of "swim like a fish".

Entry # 8  Cindy Hamilton "As Fresh as a Daisy"
A sure sign of spring, these fresh daisies on the emerging green grass that we are all looking forward to each day.

Entry # 9  Brenda Pockette - "As Yellow as the Sun"
the depth and detail of the silhouette fairies as they float before the yellow sun are as magical as can be.

Entry #10 Gail Davis - "As Good as Gold"
This entry speaks for itself.... as good as gold, is right!

And the Viewer's Choice Winner is...........Entry # 1 Sherry Kelher 

Sherry will now have the privilege to come up with our next challenge idea for 2021.

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