Sunday, September 8, 2013

September Meeting Show & Tell

Most of Thursday's meeting was spent going over the last minute details for our upcoming quilt show.  Guild members signed up for shifts during the show for the tea room, admission table, raffle ticket table etc.  If you weren't at the meeting and are able to help please contact Dawn to be added to the schedule.

This is our last push for Raffle Ticket sales.  Please consider picking up an extra or book or two to sell in the next two weeks.  Genny is the person who can help you with that.  Wouldn't it be amazing if we sold all of our tickets?

Now onto what you have been waiting for...

Mona finished up a couple of projects.  I believe this was a mystery project from a few years back.

 Mona also completed this lovely batik Sampler.

Reneta shared her cheerful Sunflower and jelly roll quilt.

Karen shared her panel revamp.  She cut is apart and pieced it back together and added a lot of detailed quilting to make it special.

This is Karen's really cool iron caddy.  It folds flat to become a pressing surface, and carrys your hot iron home safely.  Here is a link to a tutorial that is very similar. (Note: this is not the exact pattern that Karen used.)

And here is Karen's version of the Alternate Routes pattern.  I love the star in the center of her layout, and her fabrics are just gorgeous.  Another unique layout.

  Her is Dawn's "make it beautiful" piece. Can you believe this began as a skirt she picked up at Value Village?

Cheri had her very modern Hopscotch quilt.

Cheri also shared her version of the Alternate Routes pattern.  Seems everyone is coming up with their own layout!

And last my addition to the guild banner.  I tried my hand at thread painting for the first time.  

20 sleeps until the Quilt Show!  Are you excited yet??

Sunday, September 1, 2013

Meeting this Week!

It is September 1st and that means our first meeting of the fall is only a few days away.  Karen will be a the Old Firehall from 9:00 a.m. for our Daytime UFO session.  This is a great time to finish up those last minute things for our quilt show happening in just a few weeks.

Have you made your crocus block to add to the Guild Banner?  I had almost forgotten about that little project, but since it only needs to be 4-8" in size, there is still time to complete it. Feel free to be as creative as you like, it needs to be bound.  Need some inspiration? Here are links to a few free crocus blocks I found online:

For those who like Applique click here.

And two different paper pieced blocks here.

And another here.

This one will cost $1.95, but it is nice too.  From

No excuses now ladies!  If you need a little help with paper piecing or anything else that may have gotten you stuck over the summer, Karen or I will be happy to lend a hand on Thursday.

Hope we get to see some great Show & Tell!

See you Thursday, September 5th at 7:00 p.m.