Monday, May 8, 2017

2017 Annual Guild Challenge Reveal

Lori Suss was the winner of the 2016 Guild challenge and had the privilege to choose the fabric for this years challenge. Fabric is pictured above and the guidelines listed below.

2017 is the 150th Anniversary for Canada so it's a fitting choice to have these fabrics to work with. The projects will be on display at the Dauphin Public Library for the summer months.
Winnie's Canadian piece.

Dawn had a new painting technique incorporated  in her piece as well as  a specialty printed  fabric.
Jennie challenged her self and went outside of her comfort zone to create this Canadian landscape.
Genny was stumped on a themed idea but worked in the fabrics in the "Mixed Nuts" design.
Karen showed her Canadian spirit in this piece.  There are 50 Canadian symbols quilted  in the background of this, you have study it closely to find them.
Cindy created this attractive leaf design.

 Joan added sparkle to her Canadian Firefly.
Leanna did a great job using wheat as a Canadian symbol, inspired by her Dad and husband. 
What better way to enjoy the great Canadian outdoors. "camping" .
  Gertud made this cheery appliqued piece. 
Pat's showing her Canadian Pride.
Beth said this piece will grace her table.
Cheri B. got this one right. EH!
Karen made this friendship star piece.
Jackie choose the Canadian Beaver too.
Joy did a great job with this paper pieced Canadian leaf.
Darlene showcased her loved of birds in her challenge project.
Reneta said all the symbols have meaning for her, where she has been or where she wants to go.
Sandra's Canadian symbols are set off nicely in the blue background.
In creating this piece Amy found a new hobby to go along with quilting, Embroidery.
Sherry was the 2017 Viewer's Choice Winner with this beautiful wall hanging.
She was awarded a $25 prize and the joy of choosing the fabric for the next challenge.

May 4, 2017 Show & Tell

 Joy made a handy organizer for thumb drives.. "USB Here It Be"

 Jennie completed this great Metro Rings quilt.

 Karen was working on completing some UFO's.  We took a work shop to make this runner quite some time ago.

 This cute flannel rag quilt will keep one of Beth's little people warm.

Cheri showed a few tops she's working on asking for some ideas how to quilt them.

 Cheri and her daughter tag teamed this denim bag.

Cheri B. made these colorful mug rugs and this great "City Slickers" Quilt.

Lori showed us her soon to be finished challenge piece and was explaining the process to get the leaves to be three dimensional.

Reneta wowed us with one of the swap pieces she created (A) and a number of swap pieces she has received. (B,C,D)

 As an extra, one of  her swap partners gifted her with this pretty bag and quite a few small zippered pouches.

Amy had her foot down and completed this "Petal to the Metal" quilt.

 Look at this colorful Stack N Whack Amy created.

Amy is the proud recipient of  a few Swap projects.

Even the back is fancy.