Wednesday, May 27, 2020

Crocus Guild Mask Project May 2020

Wow! We did it!  
Just over 300 masks will be delivered to the Dauphin & District Community Foundation 
on Thursday, May 27th.  
They approached the guild and asked if we would be willing to take on this project.

I applaud each and every one of you for stepping up to the task and sharing your time. 
Hopefully we will see the masks being used out and bout in our town. 
Dawn / President

Sunday, May 10, 2020

May 7, 2020 Challenge Reveal

2020 Guild Challenge

The challenge was to create a mini-sized quilt (or wall-hanging) 
based on a simile that you pulled from the hat.  

This was definitely a challenge!!! 
We had ten courageous members who stepped up.

These were revealed at our monthly virtual Zoom meeting.

Entry # 1  Sherri Kehler - "Clear as a Bell"
The crisp, clean lines and cool color tones emphasize the true meaning of a
 "clear as a bell" winter night.
Entry # 2 Donna White - "Swim Like a Fish"
This heavily quilted panel emphasizes the true motion of water and beauty of
"swimming like a fish".

Entry # 3 Dawn Piasta - "Light as a Feather"
The all-over quilting of this piece emphasizes the true feeling of "light as a feather".

Entry #4  Amy Kristalovich - "As Good as Gold"
The glittery gold background of this piece go hand-in-hand with the electric feel of reminiscing about those "good as gold" tunes we love.

Entry #5 Reneta Angus - "As Fresh as a Daisy"
The freshness of laundry on the line is a true sign of spring, just as much as those dainty daisies hanging on this clothesline.

Entry # 6 - Jackie McFayden - "As Light As a Feather"
This piece effortlessly shows the way those clouds are puffed, the birds soar high, and the boats drift "as light as a feather" on a breezy day.

Entry # 7 Marion Muir - "Swim Like a Fish"
This tote bag is a real gem.  The pieced fish with flippy fins, and matching fish quilting on the back are a true demonstration of "swim like a fish".

Entry # 8  Cindy Hamilton "As Fresh as a Daisy"
A sure sign of spring, these fresh daisies on the emerging green grass that we are all looking forward to each day.

Entry # 9  Brenda Pockette - "As Yellow as the Sun"
the depth and detail of the silhouette fairies as they float before the yellow sun are as magical as can be.

Entry #10 Gail Davis - "As Good as Gold"
This entry speaks for itself.... as good as gold, is right!

And the Viewer's Choice Winner is...........Entry # 1 Sherry Kelher 

Sherry will now have the privilege to come up with our next challenge idea for 2021.