Tuesday, April 10, 2012

Now easier to leave comments

I changed some of the settings to make it easier for those guild members who don't have Google or other accounts to leave their comments.  Hope some of your will give it a try.  If we get too much spam I may have to change it back, but we will give this a try this way for a while. I am happy to hear of any suggestions or changes you would like me to make along the way.

Karen M. passed on some information regarding a sale on quilt batting at the Fabricland in Brandon until the end of the month. It is 120" wide, all natural cotton regular priced at $24 on sale for $9.50/m. Apparently the sale was supposed to be over the end of March, but because they didn't have it in stock then they have extended the sale. Karen has not used this batting before, but the clerk that cut it said it was good to work with. A phone call over to them to make sure they still have it in stock might be a good idea if one is planning on going over to Brandon.

Keep working on those challenges!


  1. The spam comes in waves so just be ready when it hits!! :)
    Actually as long as you leave the "prove your not a robot" on you should be fine.

    Has anyone in the Crocus Guild gone to the new fabric shop in Swan River? I have checked out the website and it looks nice

  2. you are doing a great job, Lori. When do you think you will be able to show some of your many talents on this site

  3. This is a really neat place to read and keep up with what is going on if we miss a meeting. I agree Lori you need to show off some of your many talents. Do you have a section where people could post pictures of completed projects? Are you thinking of possible starting a UFO completion challenge? Love your energy