Wednesday, November 12, 2014

November 6 Meeting/Sewing Day/Show & Tell

We had a really great day on Thursday with a good group sewing through the day.  There were a lot of the placemats finished and you can see some of the spread below.  By the end of the meeting (when people who had taken some home from the workshop in Ochre River returned finished placemats) we had a total of 81!! YEAH everyone we have reached our goal and now have enough for the Meals On Wheels Program both from the hospital program and the Seniors Program.

Many thanks to Joy Hillhouse for making the labels for all the placemats.  There were wonderful and added the finishing touch.

We also had a fabulous Show & Tell at the meeting with Dawn Piasta showing her wonderful 10 minute block blue and yellow (gotta love that combination) quilt.  The picture does not do it justice.   
 Dawn then showed her own creation from photos enlarged and then using the outline to create a quilt for obviously a hunter (I believe it is for her son).  Absolutely stunning work and sure to be loved!
 We then had Cheri Bourns showing off her quilt that as she said "kept growing" because she added another row around and then it was really big.
 I really love the strip in the back made of blocks left over from the front.  Really accents the and coordinates the back to the front.

 Karen Pryce then showed her pumpkin wall-hanging perfect for the wonderful fall we have had.

 And her runner.  She says there is a mistake but for the life of us we could not figure out where!  Why do we as quilters feel we need to tell people this?  Even as quilters we could not figure out what the "mistake" was and it should really be called a design choice instead!

We then had Amy Lone show an amazing KISS quilt made for a really lucky guy.  He didn't wear the T-shirts anymore and they were put to spectacular use and made into this fabulous creation of love backed by super soft cuddle up fabric.  I believe it was quilted by Lori Suss.  

 We then had a double treat of Bev Prestayko and Pat Milburn showing off the finished wall-hangings from a previous workshop I believe that was taught by Dawn.

All in all we had a great meeting, great show & tell, and great sewing day.  The next workshop will be on January 17, 2015 with Dawn teaching the denim wall-hanging.  This was a preregister class so hope you registered in time.  


  1. Looks like you ladies are having fun!

  2. Blogathon visitor here. Always nice to see what other guilds are about. The KISS quilt must have been a hit with the recipient!