Friday, September 8, 2017

Quilt til you Wilt August

We had a fabulous time quilting in Ochre River.  The hall had new tables that were a breeze to put up and the hall is large and air conditioned. The walls were freshly painted and were nice and light.  We each had a table to ourselves with lots of extra tables for basting or laying out blocks. There were multiple ironing stations and a couple of cutting stations with the raised tables to help spare our backs.

We had 15 ladies come out and my grandson even joined us and made his own snuggly memory pillow using Grandma's scraps.  He was so pleased to be able to sew and really enjoyed talking (a lot) to the ladies.

We had wonderful food with each person bringing something with almost everything being gluten free.  Soups and salads both days for lunch with pork kebobs and chicken kebobs for the evening meals.  Vegetables, cheese, pickles, snacks etc. There was lots of sharing, talking, teaching and just all around fun.  If you have never been to one I encourage you try to attend.  There are so many people to help out and share ideas and different often easier ways of doing things.

 Asher stitching on his pillow.

 Sherry trimming more strips.

 Karen Pryce working on her beautiful batik quilt!
 Time for more visiting and admiring another's work.
 Karen made a lot of progress!
 One of the cutting stations with large mats and raised up so no back strain. 
 Planning a quilt with a friend!
 Gloria pressing one of those center pieces shown below.
 A break for visiting!

Sherry's gorgeous quilt she designed herself.  The colors were stunning!
Cindy's quilt with borders finally attached.

Gloria Nicholson's paper pieced center well on its way!

Asher's pillow front and back.  I scanned and printed off onto fabric a picture that he had drawn and colored and a photo taken during the days before the quilt til you wilt.

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