Thursday, June 9, 2022

JUNE 2, 2022 Guild meeting and show & tell. We had a special event take place this evening. Our community is welcoming many Ukrainian Immigrant families into Dauphin and the surrounding area. We had special visitors come to our meeting to accept a donation on behalf of our guild. I have to apologize I do not know how to spell their names or pronounce them, they are a lovely young family, Mom Dad and their 10 year old daughter. At the time of this meeting they had only been in town a week, but their kind host had them out to many locations and introducing them to our community and what it has to offer. The first 2 pictures were at the meeting and the other 2 were once they got home. We have donated another 5 quilts to pass on to other families that have come to Dauphin. More will be given as more families come to our area.

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